Dream Body Mastery Program

Creating sustainable results in a stress-free way

Are you ready to be happy and confident with your body? Are you ready to take a second look in the mirror because of how great you look in those jeans?

Physical change is great, but that's all a bonus to what you will achieve in this program! Health is priority. I want you to achieve better energy, better digestion, better positivity, better self love, better self confidence, better EVERYTHING!

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Nicole Todd | 10 Month Transformation

Nicole was very unhappy with her self & her body. She wanted to make a change because of the amount of pain she was in due to the excess weight she had put on. Not only did she want that, but she also wanted to compete in a Bikini Competition. Nicole Todd has not lost almost 100lbs and will be competing in September 2020.


Osiris Castillo | 3 Month Transformation

Osiris is a Navy Veteran and has a birthday coming up by the end of this year, 2020. He was always feeling lazy, lethargic, and not confident with himself. He wanted to look good for his birthday not just to impress others, but to impress himself! We have now lost almost 30lbs, and have gained a great deal of muscle. His confidence and happiness now is remarkable and we're only half way done.

What is the "Dream Body Mastery Program"?

I have helped many men & women achieve the goals they want for their body & health. I have gained much knowledge on the best approach to take for many different lifestyles, body types, ect. The mastery program is just that. Learning how to master your lifestyle to achieve the dream body you've always wanted.

In this program there will be no "quick fix", there will be no "Secret diet plan". In this program you will learn what your body needs and be the master of your health, mind, and life.

With that being said, you will not have to sacrifice the foods you love, you will not have to starve yourself or count calories like a mad man/woman. You will feed your body the correct way, you will train towards the goals you want, and every day will be a new day to attack your goals!

What you'll receive within this program!

  • A individualized training program tailored to your goals and the equipment you have accessible to you. You may have a gym membership, you may have a home gym, you may only have body weight exercises. All workouts will be tailored to your goals!
  • Individualized Nutritional success plan. This meal guidance plan will assist you in eating the right foods you need in order to accomplish: 1) improved health, 2) better energy, 3) improved habits, and 4) physique changes (weight loss/muscle growth)
  • Group coaching calls: These group coaching calls lets us all get to know one another more, find accountability buddies, and all get questions answered together! Not only that but you'll have 24/7 access to me as your coach. Which means if you need a 1-on-1 coaching call, we will make it happen.

Nicole's Transformation Documentary